Disclaimer: We provide a non-guaranteed public access ntp service at The service is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind. In no event shall Typotor Oy be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this service. By using our service, you agree to accept this statement.

Our ntp server operates at stratum 2, which means it derives its time from several stratum 1 servers which are connected to external high precision clocks.

We provide our service for free for any access from anywhere in the world, but we request that you send us an email, to the address kronos(a), to notify us of your use of our server, so we can better monitor the extent of usage on our server. You may also send us an email address to be notified to on any changes in our server's status, if you so choose. We guarantee that any email addresses sent to the above address will not be used to send any other email except notifications on the changes in our NTP service's status, which should be minimal. The source address of your notification of use will not be used for any emailing. You must provide an address separately with a request for status notifications to receive any email from us. The only exception to this may be a request to use your possible local stratum 2 NTP service as a synchronisation source to our server. We receive enough undesired advertisement emails ourselves, that we would never consider getting involved in such activities in any way, so your address is safe with us.

We also suggest that you should try to use NTP servers relatively close to your geographical location, to avoid load on the Internet and to achieve the best time synchronisation.

Please use the DNS name in your accesses to our ntp server to minimize the impact of any changes in our server infrastructure to your time synchronisation.

We suggest that Finnish NTP users would primarily use the servers of Typotor and Keski-Savon Oppimiskeskus to synchronise their clocks, to avoid loading the foreign stratum 1 servers too much. Even though the Finnish servers mentioned here work on stratum 2, they are perfectly adequate to keep computer clocks in decently accurate time.

Should you wish to set up your own stratum 2 Finnish NTP service, we suggest that you use different stratum 1 servers than we and Keski-Savon Oppimiskeskus use. We also invite you to link your NTP service with us. This way we can create the best possible NTP synchronisation network. The benefits of this are:

  • Minimal load on any single foreign stratum 1 server
  • Independent local synchronisation in the event one or more of the foreign servers become inaccessible for a time

Information on the NTP Protocol can be found at, and in our ntpd server daemon's documentation.

Our server,, uses the NTP protocol's version 4, operates at the standard NTP port, 123, and is a client to the following servers:

10. April, 2008. kronos(a)